Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jobs, Crime and Education Focus of Special Election in Kansas City for State Senator: Wood (R) vs. Curls (D)

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A Special Election Senate campaign is enjoined.

Missouri Democrat State Senator Yvonne Wilson, 81, who was not on the November ballot, resigned December 7, 2010, citing the compelling reason to spend more time with her husband of 58 years. Two years remain on the term.

Governor Nixon has directed a Special Election for Senate District 9 on February 22, 2011, which is also George Washington's birthday and the primary election for Kansas City mayor and City Council candidates. The Jackson County Republican Party, without one dissenting vote, nominated Nola Munsell Wood (59) to be the State Senate Republican nominee, who had been a first-time State Representative candidate in 2010.

Nola's Primary for Representative in southeast Kansas City was uncontested. Nola, an insurance agent, faced a 2-term Democrat incumbent in the November General Election. Legislative District 45 is a traditionally strong Democrat District of Jackson County. Neighboring legislative districts (41, 42, 43, and 50) fielded no Republican challenger. Nola won 4,348 votes or 39.7% of the total cast in the legislative district. It is clear that conservatives, independents and some disenchanted Democrats in southeast Kansas City were following the t.e.a. (taxed enough already) party mood of the nation.

Former Missouri Governor and United States Senator, John Ashcroft writes in one of his books, "With every death there is a resurrection." Ashcroft weaves his political defeat story with double-meaning for Believers, that soon after losing re-election as United States Senator to a dead man, he was appointed by President George W Bush and confirmed by the United States Senate as the 79th United States Attorney General. Congresswoman-elect Vicky Hartzler was given little hope to defeat a Missouri State Senator in the Republican Primary and was considered the weakest candidate to challenge 34-year career incumbent United States Congressman Ike Skelton, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. Hartzler successfully tied the 17-term Democrat to the unpopular policies of Obama-Reid-Pelosi's bigger governments and larger spending deficits.

Women, the ultimate tea party hostesses, have a way of getting things done with grace and strength where worldly-wise men fear to go. Missouri has the highest number of woman serving in State Legislatures, 44 out of 197 Missouri lawmakers. The ranking will not change as a result of this Special Election.

It helps to have strong faith in the GOD of Redemption and Resurrection - whether you are a man or woman.

Nola, a fiscally responsible, socially conservative proud American Patriot, has identified her campaign's theme: "Your State Senator Nola Wood. Good Jobs. Safe Homes. Education for Our Future." Contributors and volunteers should contact the campaign at CITIZENS FOR NOLA WOOD 1503 Main St #180 Grandview MO 64030 or by email Nola(dot)Wood(at)sbcglobal(dot)net